Ambitious Builders.

Founding Cohort
August 2023 - August 2024
Berkeley, CA


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Live & Build with Friends

Each Resident shares a home with 3 other builders and a co-working space with 20 other builders.

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Develop YOUR Passion.

The Residents use their curiosity to decide what to learn and build. The Residency gives mentorship and structure to help Residents both learn and build effectively.

Get Funded.

The Residency provides, housing, food, and cash in exchange for 8.5% equity in resident's startups that were created before or during the program.

Residents have the option to pay cash instead of equity. Talk to us if you prefer this option.

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Unlike bootcamps, accelerators, and fellowships

Live the college experience

Berkeley, CA is home to one of the best entrepreneurial colleges in the US and is located right next to Silicon Valley. The talent density here makes it a perfect location for our founding cohort to thrive.

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Residents are connected with student communities, professors, and founders at Berkeley and beyond.

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A valuable college experience is figuring out how to live with new people.

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We understand it takes time to find and build your dreams. All residents get at least 1 year of support.

Let's create this together.

As a thank you to our first residents for their trust and their future feedback, the founding cohort will collectively receive 2% equity in The Residency Inc.

Our goal is to one day have The Residency run entirely by recent graduates. We believe this will keep The Residency in line with modern learning research and the cultural "spirit of the times."



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