Our Mission

To give young, ambitious builders the optimal environment to positively impact the world.

Our Vision

A world where all people have the support to build a life they love.

Who's building this.

we are growing, open positions here

Image of co founder Nick Linck

Nick Linck


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a photo of hardeep

Hardeep Gambhir


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profile image of advisor sam altman

Sam Altman

Startup & AI Advisor

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Jessica Burdett

Coaching Advisor

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Jessica Hubley

Legal Strategy Advisor

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James Ingallinera

Real Estate Advisor

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Pedro Carreño

Resident Experience

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Our Values

Foundational Needs First.

Satisfying foundational human needs, like health and safety, are an essential first step towards human flourishing.

Live Freely.

We want to live in a world where everyone can dance, a world where everyone can express their unique perspective.


When our curiosity drives us to a novel idea, we develop experiments to see how that novel idea could positively impact our world.

Seek Truth.

We care more about discovering truth than we do about holding on to untested beliefs. We work to understand perspectives different than our own.

Build with Friends.

There are a lot of awesome people in the world building amazing things. We choose to collaborate with them, not to compete with them.

Use Mind Space Wisely.

We know everyone’s time and attention, “mind space”, is valuable. We conscientiously ask others when we want to use theirs.

Think Long-Term & Be Patient.

We build solutions and grow ourselves for the future, knowing that each day of effort has compounding effects.

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